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4 Wall storage solutions for single car garages


Have you often heard someone in the house say, ‘just put it in the garage’ every time you find an item that no one knows what to do with? While it’s a quick temporary solution, more often than not everyone forgets about it and the garage soon turns into a dumping ground for stuff that’s accumulated over many months. Not only is it hard to find anything in that mess, it’s also a potential breeding ground for rats and roaches and leaves no room for your car – the original intended purpose of the garage!

So what’s the solution to a messy single car garage? You do not, in fact, need a bigger garage. All it takes is some organisation and handy wall storage solutions. Yes, the wall is your best bet for creating extra storage in even the smallest spaces. Read on to find out some of our handy tips for great wall storage solutions for single car garages.

First, prepare your garage

It can be a tough job, but it’s a necessary one. Pick a weekend to drag everything out of the garage to sort into piles to keep, donate, and throw away. For the things you keep and don’t use too often, it’s a good idea to separate them into clearly labelled tubs that you can store on shelves later. Once you’ve done that, you can start separating your floor space into sections, preferably with a measuring tape for maximum accuracy. Measure out space for your car, then for any shelves and wall storage you’ll be fitting in later.

Set up your workstation

The garage is the best place to carry out any small repair work or DIY, and even a single car garage can hold a compact and efficient one-man workstation with the right measurements and hardware. It’s amazing what you can do with creative use of a small space. Just set up a wooden-top workbench with a heavy duty storage station in a designated corner, then place pegboards on the adjacent wall to hold all the tools you most frequently use. And voila! Your very own garage workspace, with the Pinnacle advantage of long-lasting industrial quality materials.

Be shelf-ish

Never underestimate what a difference a great set of shelves makes! For the ultimate wall storage solutions, we recommend lining the walls opposite to where your car would go with some heavy duty adjustable shelving. The Pinnacle range of heavy duty shelving comes with sturdy wire racks in a classy matte black finish, which is ideal for holding heavier items like sports kits, picnic and barbecue gear, and the labelled tubs you organised previously. For more unconventional wall storage solutions, think of using a corner shelf, or compact industrial bench shelving for smaller compact items.

Maximise your overhead storage space

In a single car garage, every bit of extra storage space is like gold dust. We often overlook the space just a foot below the ceiling, but it’s the best place to store items that you don’t use often but still want to keep. A wall mounted shelf or slimline cabinet are both great wall storage solutions for your overhead space, with their heavy duty properties perfect for keeping precious items safe and secure. You can also make use of hooks to hang items like rakes, coats, or even fishing rods in spaces on or close to the door, to keep them off the floor and easily accessible.

Give your single car garage a new look with Pinnacle Hardware

With a little bit of creativity and practicality, we’ve got all you need to bring your wall storage solutions to reality and give your garage a new lease of life. All our products are designed to last long being both strong in durability and aesthetics. Find all of these and more by exploring our website, or ask for Pinnacle at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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