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4 Tool storage tips you need to know

Here are some handy tips on storage, including how to keep your tools in optimal condition. Later in the article, we will cover the most valuable forms of garage storage available today.

Follow instructions – It’s always best to follow the instructions that come with your tools, as there may be details on tool storage and organisation in your manual, which you should heed, especially for things like power tools.

Keep them clean – Give your tools a clean after every use. Use a damp rag to remove dirt, dust, grease, or other debris. Remove mud and leaf litter from garden tools and ensure all tools are dry to avoid rust. Keeping appliances dry is an essential point for tool storage and organisation.

Store in original cases – Using the original cases that your power tools come in can help keep extra parts together in one place. These original cases are usually quite hard, providing ample protection. This is an easy way to get ahead concerning tool storage and organisation.

Stow in a safe, dry place – It’s essential that you store your tools properly in a safe and dry spot. Water and humidity can be very detrimental to all kinds of tools.


If you are in any way handy with tools, then it’s likely that you have a pegboard on the wall in your garage. If you don’t, you need one!

Pegboards are the primary starting point for tool storage and organisation around the home.

A pegboard keeps all of your tools visible at a glance and allows you to pick out precisely what you need quickly and efficiently.

Pegboards use hooks attached to their holes to create a hanging facility for your tools.

If you don’t have that many tools to manage, pegboards are perfect for everyday use.

Get your pegboard from us at Pinnacle Hardware today. We’re all about providing garage and interior storage options that make your life easier.


Shelving is an easy option for tool storage and organisation. Power tools can simply be left on shelves for that moment when you want to use them.

Shelving can also be used with robust plastic containers to store multiples of the same kind of tool.

Shelving is a simple tool storage and organisation solution that is often overlooked.

Here at Pinnacle Hardware, we even stock heavy-duty drawers, drawer organisersbenchtop organisers, and a range of plastic totes to keep all your fasteners together.

Therefore, even your workbench can facilitate convenient storage if you use these organisers with it.

There’s no need to cover your workbench with piles of tools when you can have pegboards, shelves, and our storage accessories to keep them tidy.


Cabinets are great for a number of reasons! They can hide clutter and more importantly, most of them are key lockable.

If you have children then you know they like to get their hands on anything they can touch and in a garage setting this can often be a dangerous area. Having a metal cabinet that’s lockable allows all your chemicals and sharp tools to be locked away safely out of reach.

Cabinets are also the perfect place to store your expensive power tools under lock and key for peace of mind.


When it comes to tool storage and organisation, the cream of the crop is the tool trolley.

If you are a professional mechanic or you are a DIYer who simply has many tools, you will want to consider buying a tool trolley.

These units take much punishment in a mechanic’s workshop or your garage at home.

They have a place for every tool you own with unique drawers for storing and charging power tools and USB and power outlets included in the design.

Their drawers have high weight capacities, with plenty of room for your entire collection of tools and accessories.


Here at Pinnacle Hardware, we have all the storage units and accessories you need to take a professional approach to your tools.

Never again will you be grasping for the tool you need, right in the middle of a crucial mechanical job.

Get what you need today from Pinnacle Hardware. Check out our range online or at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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