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4 garage storage ideas to maximise space


This article outlines our top 4 garage storage set-ups, which are classic options for families looking for garage storage solutions to try at home. We’ve got something for the kids, the athlete, the mechanic, and the gardening fan. Read on and find out how to make the most of the space in your garage, no matter what your personality is.

The kiddie corner

Are you running out of room in your home for all your children’s toys? Why not extend their space into the garage? Deck your garage out with Pinnacle shelves as a reliable garage storage solution that you can’t go past. They are perfect for use with plastic boxes where you can stow away ball games and other activity-based toys that are hard to store due to their bulky shapes. Pegboard is fantastic to use in kids’ areas, as you can easily hang items such as colouring books and pencil cases filled with markers or pencils from them. Providing your kids with a kiddie corner set-up will give them a dedicated space to play and create, which they will love to visit and keep them out of trouble for a little while.

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The home gym

Do you never have time to work out? How about establishing your home gym? Then you’ll never have an excuse not to get your exercise in. Once again, our shelving is the hero for a garage storage solution that can’t be beaten for all kinds of gym equipment, such as weights, yoga mats and balls. There’s our pegboard or hooks for skipping ropes and exercise bands. You can use both of these to hang up print-outs of exercise routines. Remember to allow yourself some floor room for stretching and weightlifting when planning your home gym set-up. You may want machines to facilitate a great cardio workout or prefer weights. It is up to you and your priorities for your gym time.

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The mechanic’s wonderland

Do you dream of a mechanic’s wonderland? A secluded place where you can easily find all your tools? Then make sure you check out our Pinnacle Tool Trolley, which has a space for every tool in your arsenal, so you’ll never be searching at a loss for a tool again. Our Tool Trolley comes with all kinds of potential add-ons and accessories to make using it even more convenient. If you’re looking to completely refurbish your existing garage with a great garage storage solution for tools, you need to know about our Pro Series Storage Stations. Made with solid construction and featuring advantageous overhead cabinets, the modular storage stations offer over 70 combinations of drawers, cupboards and workbenches.

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The green thumb growing space

If you have a green thumb, then you’re going to need a space in which to do all your potting. Try out our Mobile Garden Station for size. With castors and a handle, it can be moved indoors or outdoors, so you can work in the sun or under cover. It is also a favourable way of keeping all your potting tools and supplies together. If you need a garden bed to host your veggies or flowers, we can recommend our Raised Garden Planter. It’s perfect for creating a herb garden right outside the kitchen window. Just pluck some herbs from your planter whenever you need them in your cooking adventures.

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Get the ideal garage set-up with Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle, we have an extensive range of garage storage products that are multifunctional and can easily be used just as well in the home as in the garage. Our products are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing and can solve any storage problem.

View our full range of garage storage products or head to your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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