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4 Convenient storage ideas for small spaces

Small spaces can be a real challenge when it comes to clutter. They seem to become filled with possessions so quickly, and then suddenly, you can barely move because of all the junk in the rooms of your home or even in your garage. Luckily here at Pinnacle, we have an extensive range of storage solutions for all spaces, whether large or small. In this article, we will focus on those products that would most suit more compact areas, proving that it’s not just how much space you have; it’s how you use it that counts.


One way of overcoming clutter in small spaces is to make the most of storage shelves. Vertical shelving units take up relatively little floor space yet provide ample storage opportunities, for everything from books, clothes, and plastic storage tubs in the home, to gym equipment, power tools, and paint cans in the garage. Shelving units are your secret weapons for making the most of available space. This is especially true of our adjustable corner shelf, which can easily slip into a corner of a room to turn unused areas into functional shelving. For humble-sized garages, try our heavy-duty premium adjustable shelf for a greater weight capacity of 800kg per shelf.


You might think that having less space to work with means that you cannot possibly accommodate a wardrobe unit in your bedroom or a storage station out the back in your garage. But the truth is that these functional storage solutions come in various sizes to suit any space. Take, for example, our Urban Series small wardrobe system, or our equally miniature 5 basket Urban Series storage unit, which are drawer and shelving units designed respectively for the smaller bedroom. Regarding the garage, we also have you covered with our Pro Series Garage Storage stations, which can be taken as a single unit or added to with additional units, according to how much space you have. This functionality gives you lots of flexibility in utilising your space in all kinds of garages.

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Pegboards and hooks are wonderfully versatile, and not only can they be used together, but they can also keep items off the ground and from cluttering up benchtops by hanging them on a wall. Pegboards are easy to install onto a wall or shelving unit and can be used to hang all kinds of tools. What’s more, they are multifunctional, and can equally be utilised for hanging workout routines within easy reach, gym gear, or even in the case of a garage kid’s corner, art supplies, and colouring books. Our magnetic hooks make fixing them to a surface easy and they can be moved and taken down simply, without damaging a wall.


If you have a small space with a chest of drawers, the chances are that you need drawer organisers to keep the clutter at bay and everything in its right place. Our drawer organisers allow you to group similar things so that you always know where to find the items you need. Similarly, you can use our benchtop organisers to segregate nuts, bolts, screws, and other DIY tools or paraphernalia. Benchtop organisers, true to their name, are perfect for the tops of workbenches or for use on shelving units.

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At Pinnacle Hardware, we focus on creating the most convenient garage storage solutions for your home and outdoor spaces. No matter how big or small your home and garage are, we have storage that will suit your needs.

Choose from our garage storage online or see it in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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