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3 inspiring ways to create pet-friendly spaces in your home and garden

If you’ve just brought home a new pet, you will need to consider how to ensure your home is suited to your new pet. The steps you need to take to achieve this goal will depend on what kind of pet you now have. But whether you have a new dog, a cat, or even a chicken or two, there are simple changes you can make to your home and garden with our leading Pinnacle products that will help make pet-friendly spaces for the new additions to the family. Read on to learn how you can use our pet range of products to improve your home and garden areas for your pets.


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Whether your pet is an indoor or outdoor animal, you can extend their space by providing dog doors that allow your pet to go inside or outside as they please. Depending on their size, you can use dog doors equally for cats or dogs. We stock pet doors in large and medium sizes, which cater to most animals. When you install dog doors into your home, you allow your pets to have greater freedom and privacy, as they no longer have to beg at the door when nature calls. In addition, our dog doors feature an internal lock for safety, a simple four-bolt installation, and wind resistance. Not only that, but you can easily fit our dog doors to any door. Dog doors are a great way to create more pet-friendly spaces for your dog or cat to roam about.


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Now that your dog or cat can seamlessly move from indoors to outdoors, you may want to ensure that they feel at home with dog kennels no matter where they are. We offer an extensive range of dog kennels at Pinnacle Hardware, some designed for being out in the elements and some made to give your pet a comfy bed inside. Choose from The Fort in large, medium, or small, The Shack in large, medium, or small, or The Villa in a medium size. We have dog kennels to fit all different breeds of dogs, and we even have our indoor dog kennels, known as the Pet Haus range. If easy cleaning of outdoor dog kennels is a priority for you, we recommend The Shack, which has a hinged roof that allows greater access. Check out our article 5 ways to make dog kennels more comfortable to further customise your pet’s space.


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One of the greatest needs when it comes to keeping backyard fowl is to ensure that they are secure. Luckily, at Pinnacle Hardware, we provide a selection of fowl houses and chicken coops. Our fowl houses keep chooks, quails, and other small birds safe from predators and extreme weather conditions, while our chicken coops, such as The Castle or The Manor, provide a cozy space for chickens to lay their eggs and nest for the night. Our chicken coops are also quite spacious, with room for chickens to stretch their legs while still being safe and secure. Our chicken coops are easy to maintain, with a removable metal tray that allows you to quickly access and clean up droppings, food scraps, or hay. Similarly, our chicken coops come with a separate laying box with a lid, so that you can collect eggs with a minimum of fuss.


We love helping families care for their pets better by offering products that are easy to clean, assemble and install. Whether you need a dog door, dog kennels, a fowl house, or a chicken coop, we’ve got you covered at Pinnacle Hardware. See our full range of pet products online or see them in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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