Pegboard essentials: Must-have accessories for your home garage

The pegboard is a garage storage solution classic for a reason. It can do so much for you in terms of helping you store a myriad of tools and other items. But you can enhance your pegboard even further by taking advantage of our pegboard accessories. You’ll be able to hang up any item in your tool collection with our easy-to-install pegboard hooks. Let’s take a closer look at some of our pegboard accessories, focusing on what they can do for you.

Assorted Tool Holder

When you’ve got small tools and accessories just lying around, you need an easy garage storage solution. Nothing could be simpler than our Assorted Tool Holders that slot onto our pegboards. You can hang screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, multi-grips, side cutters, tin snips, scissors and much more.


Heavy Duty Can Holder

When you need somewhere to store your spray cans, lubricants, or hand cleaners, look no further than our powdercoated matte black Heavy Duty Can Holder.


Heavy Duty Curved Hook

For power tools, hand tools, tool bags, and anything else tool-related you can name, reach for the Pinnacle Heavy Duty Pegboard Curved Hook. Its heavy duty scrivets provide tonnes of strength and stability.

Heavy Duty Curved Hook

Heavy Duty Double Prong Hook

Install your Heavy Duty Double Prong Hook onto your pegboard and you instantly have a garage storage solution for hammers, mallets, tool bags, safety equipment, and all kinds of other odds and ends. The heavy duty design ensures your hook stays put even under the strain of heavier items.


Heavy Duty Large Tool Clip

Large hammers, work lights, small power tools and tape guns are all perfect contenders for hanging on a pegboard with a Heavy Duty Large Tool Clip. The heavy duty scrivets make short work of even heavier items.


Heavy Duty Screwdriver Rack

The powdercoated matte black design of this Heavy Duty Screwdriver Rack is easy on the eye, while keeping all your screwdrivers and files in an organised manner. It is easy to install onto our pegboards making it a simple garage storage solution.


Heavy Duty Single Prong Hook

The Heavy Duty Single Prong Hook is specially designed to hang a tool bag, a spirit level, a saw or any other small tools. It can withstand heavier accessories due to its heavy duty construction.


Heavy Duty Small Tool Clip

If you need to hang items like ratchets, extension boards, or other round-handled tools, then our Heavy Duty Small Tool Clip should be your accessory of choice. It’s a simple yet beneficial garage storage solution for all those odds and ends.


Heavy Duty Spanner Organiser

Need somewhere convenient to store your spanners? Look no further than our Heavy Duty Spanner Organiser in a powdercoated matte black finish. Never again will you be caught short looking for a lost spanner.


Heavy Duty Storage Tray

Our Heavy Duty Storage Tray can be quickly installed onto our pegboards and accommodate containers, tapes, cans, bottles of solution, and other miscellaneous items. Keep your garage tools and materials easily accessible with this handy storage tray.


Heavy Duty Tool Holder

When you need a Tool Holder with a bit more strength and a robust build, reach for our Heavy Duty Tool Holder. It’s ideal for hanging a tool bag, a spirit level, or anything that needs a swift garage storage solution. Easily installed onto our pegboard, and you’re away.


Heavy Duty Tote Box Holder

Install the Heavy Duty Tote Box Holder onto your pegboard, and you will soon have the additional capacity to utilise tote boxes to store and separate small items like bolts, nuts, and screws. Tote boxes are your best mate for any small items that can easily get lost.


Make the most of your pegboard with Pinnacle Hardware

The selection of pegboard accessories discussed in this article is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functions your pegboard can offer with the help of our products. We’ve got a tool holder for every possible tool in your arsenal. 

See our full range of pegboard accessories on our website or in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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