Make the most of HD organisers in your garage

At Pinnacle, we offer an extensive range of garage storage solutions. Many of our garage storage ideas are based around large, heavy-duty products such as our shelving and cabinets or all-in-one options like our Pro Series Garage Storage program. But not all storage solutions are intended for large items. When it comes to garage storage ideas for smaller things, such as fixings, you need specific storage that caters to the miniature dimensions of these objects.

The problem with small things

The major problem with small things is that they can easily get lost, become disorganised, or disappear from where you thought you put them to some other undisclosed location. It can be frustrating to tip out an ice cream container or a large jar of bits and bobs to find the exact component you are looking for – and that’s supposing you find it! How much time do you spend looking for specific items in your garage? That time could better be spent working on your DIY project during your precious weekend afternoons.

Introducing our garage storage solutions for tiny components

Look no further than our heavy-duty compartment organisers if you’re looking for a way to get your small critical objects such as bolts, nuts, and screws organised. These heavy-duty compartment organisers are tough, have an ergonomic handle, and are stackable for easy packing on a shelf in your garage or even on the top of your workbench for easy access. Start with the 10 compartment organiser if you have a small number of fixings to categorise, or opt for the 20 compartment organiser if you require more spaces to keep your items tidy and segregated.

Watch your wife doesn’t steal your organisers

If your wife likes to sew, your organisers could be on her most-wanted sewing storage list. They are not only perfect for all the components of your DIY projects in the garage but also ideal for storing sewing needles, threads, and other craft paraphernalia. So, if you’re considering investing in some heavy-duty organisers, pick up a couple for her. She’ll be pleased with their ability to keep all her craft supplies categorised and easy to find.

Benefits of our heavy-duty compartment organisers

Our heavy-duty compartment organisers have many benefits to offer you when you need a convenient garage storage solution for collections of DIY components.

Your small items are accessible

Storing small items can be challenging because they require small storage spaces that keep different kinds of components together and easily accessed. Our heavy-duty compartment organisers have 10 or 20 sections that successfully segregate different types of fixings and anything else you need to store.

Our organisers are easy to stack and carry

Our organisers are 100% stackable, so you can easily stow them away on a shelf or the top of your workbench. They will always be tidy and easy to find. Similarly, the ergonomic handle means that transporting your essential items is simple and comfortable.

Heavy-duty construction for a robust storage option

The materials used in our organisers are all heavy-duty for a long-lasting storage solution for all your DIY components. Metal latches ensure that your organisers clasp firmly for years to come. If you are looking for garage storage solutions that stand the test of time, then our heavy-duty organisers are a safe choice.

Get heavy-duty organisers from Pinnacle and tidy up your garage

Sick of looking through plastic containers and odd and end jars for that specific fixing you need? Save time and get organised with our garage storage solutions. Our heavy-duty compartment organisers, in 10 or 20 compartment sizes, will soon tidy up your garage. 

See all our storage accessories online or pick them up from your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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