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Did you know that there are at least two parts to decluttering? There’s whittling down the number of possessions you own, but ample garage storage solutions also help house your items. Without one of these aspects, you will soon be overrun with stuff. That’s why we’re going to help you sort through your possessions and consider what garage storage solutions might help you in your quest to learn how to declutter your garage.

How to declutter your garage for the final time

First of all, what do we mean when we talk about “clutter”? Clutter is anything you are holding onto that does not create value in your life. It can be a real menace not just in terms of taking up physical space but also space in your mind. When you look at a cluttered space, you might find that you feel more anxious or stressed. Conversely, a tidy and well-organised space helps you to feel more relaxed. 

So let’s move on to the steps necessary to explain how to declutter your garage.

Step 1 – The most important thing is to be thorough

When you’re looking at how to declutter your garage, you need to know that being thorough now will save you time and energy down the track. If you’ve tried in the past to declutter your garage and failed, it might have been because you were not thorough enough and didn’t do a deep dive into the sorting process that we will outline below. You may wish to arm yourself with three marked boxes and a rubbish bag to help with sorting.

Step 2 – Take everything out of your garage

You may not feel like taking all of your possessions out of your garage, but going the extra mile and taking our suggestions to heart will bring you the best results. You can see and assess what you have more efficiently by taking everything out of your garage. You might like to use a tarp to keep your items clean and dry. You may want to walk around your cleared-out garage space and consider it, as your clutter might have been hiding exactly how much space you had. Take a look at our garage storage solutions. It might give you some ideas.

Step 3 – Decide what to keep

Perhaps the easiest way to do things when you’re looking at how to declutter your garage is first to consider those items you wish to keep. These should be things you regularly use, things that bring you joy, or equipment that is hard to borrow. The exact nature of the items in your garage will depend on your lifestyle. Some people might have a lot of sporting equipment, and others may have heaps of mechanic’s tools. Only you know what items you will use often and what kinds of things are just cluttering up the space. You need to be honest with yourself when deciding what to keep.

Step 4 – Decide what to sell

You may well have bikes, kayaks, or any number of high-tech pieces of equipment in your garage that you simply aren’t using. All these things can be cashed in by selling them to someone else. Many homeowners have duplicate items in their garages, doing nothing but taking up space. You could sell these items, and the reimbursement put to good use, for example, investing in shelving for your new organised garage.

Step 5 – Decide what to donate

Some items perhaps are not worth selling but still offer value to the right person. These things are the ones that you donate. Anything a bit outdated but still in good working condition can be donated. Some people choose to donate rather than sell, as they find that it is not worth their time trying to resell items, and they like the good karma of giving things away. The choice is yours.

Step 6 – Decide what to throw away

When you consider how to declutter your garage, you need to ensure that you get rid of any rubbish. Some things are just rubbish and not worth keeping. This includes items that are broken and that you can’t fix. This pile should be the smallest. Before you put something in this box, consider whether it can be donated or sold?

Step 7 – Buy some better garage storage solutions

If you’re looking at tips on how to declutter your garage, then the chances are you don’t have adequate garage storage solutions for your needs. Clutter builds up when you don’t have a place for everything and everything in its place. For a tidy garage, you may want to consider shelving, pegboard for tools, a tool trolley, wall hooks, and even benchtop organisers to keep small things together. If you’re going to go to town with your garage storage solutions, buy from our Pro Series Garage storage range, and have the ultimate flexibility with over 70 combinations of individual units to suit your needs.

Trust Pinnacle for garage storage solutions that work

We have an extensive range of garage storage solutions to suit every gardening fan, DIYer, mechanic, or sports enthusiast. No matter what you do with your garage, we can help you store your stuff with greater ease.

See our full range of garage storage solutions here or view them in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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