Plus, the egg-stounding advantages of a backyard chicken coup

Easter is a great excuse to get crafty with the kids, and a traditional DIY for this time of year is egg painting.

It’s a simple enough creative project for a holiday afternoon, so read on to see the steps involved and start your Easter egg painting adventure. 

It might even lead to an Easter egg treasure hunt afterward!

What you’ll need

Here’s what you’ll need to make the most out of Easter egg painting: 

6 x white eggs (could be sourced from your very own chicken coup or the supermarket)

1 x medium mixing bowl

1 x pin

1 x set of acrylic paints or food dye

Assorted wide elastic bands

Assorted stickers 

Step 1 – Choose how to prepare your eggs

There are at least two ways to prepare your eggs before Easter egg painting.

You can boil the eggs in a saucepan of water or remove the yolk and white from the egg altogether.

You can later use the egg and yolk in cooking. 

The removal method avoids the eggs “going off” before your child has lost interest in their creations. 

That’s the technique we will use in this DIY for Easter egg painting.

Step 2 – Remove the yolk and white from your eggs

Pick up one of your raw eggs and carefully use the pin to prick a small hole into both ends of the egg. 

You’re going to put your mouth to one of these holes and blow the egg contents out the other hole into your mixing bowl, so make sure the holes are big enough. 

It doesn’t take too much room to facilitate this process. 

You may want to take the reins of this method as an adult so that your child doesn’t injure themselves with the pin or consume raw egg!

Once all your eggs are hollow, they are ready for decoration.

Make sure your child touches the eggs gently to avoid them breaking.

Step 3 – Prepare your child and work surface

Painting can be a pretty messy process, so ensure you have protected your work surface and put an apron or art smock on your child before beginning.

Ensure that your kid is wearing their oldest clothes just in case some paint goes astray.

Step 4 – Get into Easter egg painting

Again, people approach Easter egg painting differently, and some use a mixture of hot water, vinegar, and food dye to dip the eggs into. 

However, there is nothing wrong with using acrylic paint for Easter egg painting, which will create an excellent bold result and allow your child to paint in a wider variety of colours, including silver and gold. 

It doesn’t matter which method you choose for Easter egg painting. The goal is to get some colour onto your eggshells. 

Most forms of dye or paint around the house will do the job fine.

Step 5 – Refine your technique

There are all kinds of cute tricks for Easter egg painting that allow you to achieve specific artistic results. 

For example, you can put a sticker onto the eggshell and paint over it, then remove the sticker to reveal the sticker shape on the egg.

Similarly, you can use rubber bands on the egg, then paint over them and let the eggs dry. Remove the rubber bands to find perfect stripes on your egg. 

Your child can create their designs for Easter egg painting, which are only limited by their imagination.

Bonus: 5 egg-stounding advantages of a backyard chicken coup

The freshest eggs

If you thought the eggs you were buying from the farmer’s market were fresh, just wait till you experience eggs from your backyard chicken coup


There is nothing better than freshly laid, 100% cruelty-free eggs, and having a backyard chicken coup is the best way of achieving that, as you know exactly where the eggs have come from. 

Teach your children 

When you have a chicken coup, you have a golden opportunity to teach your children about food and our connection to animals. They are sure to take more interest in eggs when gathering them from your backyard chicken coup. 

Save money

A backyard chicken coup can even help you save money, as you no longer need to buy expensive eggs at the supermarket, and if you have neighbours with a green thumb, you might be able to trade your eggs for their homegrown vegetables. 

Fun pets

Chickens are fun pets for children, making a backyard chicken coup a great idea. Chickens are inquisitive creatures and can become very tame if treated with love and care. Children can learn about animals and take more responsibility around the home by being taught how to look after them. 

Want to read our guide to chicken coups?

Get your chicken coup from Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle, we’re all about providing products that improve your lifestyle, and what could be better than barn fresh eggs in your backyard? 

The kids will love having a chicken coup, which will provide them with hours of entertainment and essential learning opportunities. 

View our chicken coup models here on our website, or see them at your local Bunnings Warehouse in person.

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