What belongs in your garage and what doesn’t

We love nothing better than presenting new garage storage solutions to our customers at Pinnacle. We have an extensive range of products that can make your life easier when it comes to storage ideas. However, some items are ideal for storing in your garage, and some things should never cross the garage threshold. 

Read on to find out what our recommended dos and don’ts of garage storage are.

Here’s what you do want to store in your garage:

Your car

When you’re thinking of garage storage ideas, you need to understand where you plan to store your car. Some people park their cars in a driveway for ease of use and access. But you may prefer the extra security of parking your car in your garage. Just be aware that your garage storage solutions need to take this preference into account by leaving enough space for your car. 

Mechanical tools 

There are countless garage storage ideas that we could mention when it comes to mechanical tools. But one of the best garage storage solutions for mechanical tools is a tool trolley. A tool trolley keeps all of your possessions nicely organised so that you never have to get into a bad mood over a lost tool. 

If you have a smaller range of tools to store, one of the favourites when it comes to garage storage ideas is the pegboard. Pegboard can swiftly bring order to a messy collection of tools by hanging them on the wall where they can be easily identified. 

Gardening tools

You need to keep your gardening tools nearby to have easy access to them when you need them. It’s only logical to think of storing your gardening tools in your garage. You can put items like shovels, hoses, extension cords, rakes, leaf blowers, flowerpots, and other garden accessories in your garage. We have a wide range of hooks to cater to this.

However, if you are running out of room, you might consider installing a garden shed for your gardening needs. Garage storage ideas for gardening tools may include our tall metal cabinets or our heavy-duty shelving

Suppose you’re looking for more integrated garage storage solutions. 

In that case, you should check out our Pro Series Garage Storage, which gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of Storage Stations that are designed to grow as your needs expand. Choose from drawers, cabinets, overhead storage, workbenches, and the list goes on. Our storage stations put the control in your hands as you design your ideal garage storage system. 

Sporting accessories

Some people like to double their garage as a gym, especially if they have room to work with or park their car elsewhere. If you have kids, you might relate to having footballs, soccer balls, netballs, tennis balls, and any other kind of sporty paraphernalia floating around your home. 

Putting all these things together in a central garage is a great idea and a helpful way of keeping them from becoming household clutter. Our heavy-duty shelving makes for an ideal place for adults to store weights so that they are easy to access but not left on the floor, representing a tripping hazard.

Here are some garage storage don’ts to consider:

Don’t stack your items straight on the floor

Not only can items on the ground present a tripping hazard, but they can also cause your garage to feel cluttered and messy. Items stored on the ground can become contaminated with water should there be a leak in the roof or a spill. Better garage storage ideas always involve getting things off the floor and inside cabinets or on shelves. When items are on shelves, you can more easily see and access them. 

Don’t keep what you don’t need

If you don’t have much space, then you need to be even stricter about what you keep. Do a deep declutter at least once a year where you sort between things you want to toss, donate or keep. This may be one of the cheapest garage storage solutions available to you. If you need more storage room, first get rid of stuff you don’t require anymore. 

Don’t store items that attract pests

If you are storing food in your garage, ensure that it is well packaged to avoid infestations by pests such as rodents and cockroaches. If you’re looking for garage storage ideas for grains, our shelving is ideal. Just ensure that if you are storing flours or rice you freeze it for 24 hours before moving it into an air-tight container to prevent a bug invasion.

Choose Pinnacle Hardware for all your storage needs

At Pinnacle, we have a wide range of garage storage solutions designed for strength, durability, aesthetic appearance, and ease of assembly. You really won’t find any comparable garage storage ideas on the market for the affordable price we offer. Browse our garage storage items today on our website or at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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