Things you need to do for a swift and easy move

Even if you’ve moved homes before, there is no harm in equipping yourself with our handy moving house tips. 

If you’ve already invested in our storage solutions, you may find some of your furniture is easy to disassemble ready for the move. 

Our packing tips for moving house will help you get a handle on the process so that you do things more efficiently.

Read on for more moving house tips.

Tip 1 – Plan ahead

Failure to plan equates to planning to fail, so the adage goes. One of our biggest tips for moving house is to prepare for the weeks and days ahead of the move. Consider all the bookings you need to make and the companies you need to notify of your move. What can you do early, and what do you need to do at the last minute?

Tip 2 – Get others involved

Packing tips for moving house don’t just involve how you put things into boxes. It also encompasses your approach to the task and whether you are good at roping friends and family into it. Having more people than just yourself on your team will make the process that much easier.

Tip 3 – Get rid of the excess

Before you even begin with packing tips for moving house, take a good look around at your current home and identify things you can toss, donate or keep. Keep a rubbish bag and a cardboard box handy to dispose of the clutter that you don’t want populating your fresh new abode.

Tip 4 – Get your materials and tools ready

As you pack, you will need to use particular tools quite frequently. So when considering packing tips for moving house, one of the most basic is to assemble your materials and tools within easy reach – packing tape, permanent markers, labels, and protective wrapping. One of our stellar moving house tips is to reuse and recycle. For example, multiple scrunched-up plastic bags make for great cushioning in boxes.

Tip 5 – Collect boxes

While you’re thinking about packing tips for moving house, you may realise that you are clean out of boxes. But don’t worry, as it is relatively easy to find free cardboard boxes from various shops and outlets. It’s a good idea to start collecting them early on so that you don’t have a last-minute panic.

Tip 6 – Keep like things together

An elementary point for packing tips for moving house is always to store just one category of items in each box (e.g., jumpers or cooking utensils). Write on the boxes what’s in each one and to make life easier for you, you can also label your boxes with the room they will belong to in the new house.

Tip 7 – Don’t forget your pets

You’re not the only one who finds moving stressful. Your pets don’t like it either. One of the most crucial moving house tips is to look after your pets on moving day. This need may mean checking them into a pet boarding house for a night or two or having a friend look after them until you can bring them home to your new place. And if you need a new dog kennel or pet door, we’ve got you covered.

Tip 8 – Consider Space-Saving Furniture

It’s not just about getting out of your old house. It’s also about making your new home feel like home. If your new home is larger than your old one, you may need more storage space to make use of the floor plan and spread out your belongings, and more importantly, remain organised. Shelving is always a good investment, as it is so useful, and can accommodate items in the bedroom, lounge room, kitchen, and even the bathroom. Our Urban Series Industrial Benches are perfect for hallways where shoes need to be stored. While we’re in the hallway, why not install some hooks for coats, hats, or bags? If you work from home, you may wish to check out our workbenches which make for sturdy desks. The products mentioned here are just a sampling of some of our leading storage options. See our full range here.

Get more storage ideas from Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle Hardware, we pride ourselves on providing convenient storage products for your home and garage. 

We know exactly how busy and stressful moving houses can be, so if you’re planning on moving anytime soon, you will find our storage solutions are a great way to solve that clutter at home, in your garage, or even at work.

View our entire range of storage options here, or see them in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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