Keep things nice and tidy with these hanging storage tips

Have you ever felt like you can never find enough storage space for all the odds and ends you have lying around your home? Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re looking to make a place for your belongings as you unpack them. You’ll find that it’s amazing how much free real estate you can use around your home, so long as you keep as little as possible on the floor.

In this article, we take you through a few home storage ideas that make the most of all the nooks and crannies around your house, including all the right solutions you will need.

Use hooks in convenient places

It’s a great idea to invest in hooks to maximise your hanging storage space. Use multipurpose hooks to hang up small necessities that can easily get lost, such as house keys and umbrellas. For larger living areas like the kitchen and bedrooms, use larger hooks to make the best of the free wall space. Think of home storage ideas like fixing our Multipurpose Hanging Rack on the back of a pantry or bathroom door, creating a hidden hanging storage space for towels, robes, and other items.

Change up your storage as you like

If you don’t want to drill any more holes into the walls, you can use heavy duty adhesive or magnetic hooks for hanging storage. These are an infinitely useful addition to any garage, where you can hang tools from the walls, ceiling or magnetic cabinets and shelves for easy access and help in decluttering the floor. They’re also easily removable. Add them to the inside of your wardrobe to hang up more clothes, or smaller hooks to organise belts, shoes, jewellery, and other accessories.

Fill up vacant areas

If you take a look around your home, there will always be vacant space that can be used to store not just one but multiple things at once. The easiest way to do this is with the addition of shelves. Often, the most unused areas of the house are the walls, corners, and the space close to the ceiling. Our 5 Tier Adjustable Corner Shelf is a great addition to any vacant corner for even more storage space.

Arrange shelves creatively

Place at least one adjustable shelf with multiple tiers in each room for different home storage ideas. You can create an open closet in a bedroom, or a handy tool rack in the garage. To multiply shelf space even further for storing smaller items, tools, odds, and ends, add a benchtop organiser to your benchtop or shelf. You can even use individual drawer organisers to create a herb and spice rack in your kitchen.

Make the most of your walls

Wall mounted shelves and floating shelves are a great way to make use of the hanging storage space around the perimeter of a room. You can install shelves just below the ceiling to store objects that you rarely use but take up space on the floor or in a cupboard. Combine shelves to make a homemade bookcase in the living room, or a pantry organiser in the kitchen. Create space where there was none previously with floating shelves.

Use a handy pegboard

One of the best home storage ideas for vacant wall space is using a pegboard. You can customise and personalise your pegboards depending on which rooms you install them in. Use them to hang up tools in the garage, clothes and accessories in the bedroom closet, or photographs in the living room. Combine them with dangling or magnetic hooks for a highly convenient hanging storage option that looks great in your home.

Find the ideal hanging storage solutions with Pinnacle

At Pinnacle Hardware, we have everything you need in home storage ideas and DIY accessories, from interior expansion to hardware equipment. Made from quality materials and tested for durability, our hanging storage solutions have been designed to give you functionality with a great finish.

Explore our full range online, or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to pick them up in person.

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