Garage storage solutions for you to try at home

Do you have a disorganised garage?

Are you constantly looking for tools and never finding what you need?

In this article, we have some suggestions to help you remove the clutter and get things straightened out once and for all. 

First, the bad news – the only way of removing clutter is by throwing things out and sorting through your belongings.

It’s much easier to organise your garage when you have less clutter.  

You might like to try the Marie Kondo method of decluttering. 

Once you have that handled, you can begin finding spots for all your stuff. 

We can help in that regard with garage storage solutions for just about anything you could own. 

Find inspiration in our list of 6 garage storage ideas below!

Give yourself space with a workbench

Workbenches give you a place to do things, like your beloved DIY weekend projects, and are one of the unsung heroes when it comes to garage storage solutions. 

They have an essential part to play in the organisation of your garage, as flexible spaces where you can use your tools. 

You need a robust and sturdy workbench that will stand up to all kinds of treatment.

It will provide you with plenty of space to work on personal or professional projects whenever you feel like it. 

Buying a workbench is not only one of our garage storage ideas, but it is a sound investment in your comfort and convenience.

Have a place for everything with a tool trolley

When it comes to garage storage ideas, our Pro Series 73” 20 Drawer Tool Trolley is the ultimate companion. 

In a tool trolley, you have a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Never again will you struggle mid-project to find the exact right tool you need. 

You will always have your tools at your fingertips, ready to go.

This fact will significantly enhance your professionalism and enjoyment of your mechanical or construction projects.

Choose a high-quality tool trolley for one of the best and easiest garage storage solutions available to you.

Move your stuff upwards

Of garage storage solutions, one vastly underused option is stowing items above your head and above any cars that you park in your shed.  

For more bike storage ideas read our additional article, 5 Garage storage hacks for eliminating clutter

At Pinnacle Hardware, we love helping you organise your possessions and clear clutter, and there are so many ways to do exactly that using our products. 

If you have shelving in your garage, use the high shelves for things you don’t need to access very often. 

Sometimes you have items that you still want to keep, but you find you use them seasonally or infrequently, and in those cases, it’s good to put overhead storage to use.

For a modest number of tools, try pegboard storage

One of the perennial garage storage ideas is the pegboard. 

If you don’t have that many tools or your tool trolley is already overflowing, you might like to install a pegboard on your garage wall.

A pegboard allows you to store and organise tools logically on the wall. Visible storage makes grabbing the right tools a cinch. 

Pegboard can conveniently complement any tool trolleys you already have in accommodating your entire collection of tools.

You can then locate the tools on your pegboard that you use the most and store the ones you use the least in one of the drawers of your tool trolley.

There are garage storage solutions to fit any circumstance. It is just a matter of tweaking things to suit your needs.

Our hooks are the perfect addition to your pegboard, with models that are standard, HD, and magnetic.

Use shelving for odd-shaped items

If you have awkwardly shaped items to store, shelving is one of the garage storage ideas that never goes astray. 

A flat shelf provides a surface for your power tool, piece of sports equipment, or any other number of things. 

If you have a collection of multiple items, then consider putting them all together in a plastic container then shelving them. 

This way, you keep similar things together in the same container, where you can quickly locate them. 

Garage storage solutions don’t have to be complicated. They just have to work.

Tidy your tiny things

Try using our benchtop organizers for those tiny things that can easily get lost. 

They are purpose-made to categorise and collect small things so that when you need a bolt, screw, or nut, you know exactly where to look.

You can get started on your DIY projects as soon as the mood strikes, now that you know for sure where your fasteners are in your garage. 

Small things are just as significant when it comes to DIY projects, so for this reason, it’s good to have your tiny things tidy.

Garage storage ideas like benchtop or drawer organisers can make all the difference to your daily experience of your garage.

For convenience and ease of access, our storage totes are tough to beat. They can even be hung on the wall or stowed under the bench.

Get your garage organised with Pinnacle Hardware

If you’re looking for garage storage ideas, why not look at our range of garage storage solutions?

We’ve got an extensive range of items that will make your life so much easier, especially when you are involved in a DIY project around your home and garden.

View our products here on our website or see them in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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