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If your backyard is low on storage space there are many options available to fix this issue. You could install some racking on the side of your house. Another easy option is an outdoor storage box. But if you want a more long-term solution, you can’t go past the humble garden shed. It’s a popular option for several reasons. For many homeowners, it’s a handy place to store and protect all your gardening equipment and power tools.

For those who don’t have the luxury of owning a garage, garden sheds are the next best thing. Install the right shed in your backyard and you could easily transform it into a compact workshop complete with a workbench, shelving, and pegboards for tool storage. In some cases, we’ve even seen sheds being transformed into mini living spaces and home offices.

When you’re choosing a garden shed for your backyard it’s important to decide early on what you want to use it for. From there it’s a matter of looking for all the right features. Look out for the shed’s materials, installation requirements, and size. Here in Australia, you’ll find many of our metal sheds are designed and built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat and strong winds.

To guide you on your journey to finding the perfect garden shed, we’re covering the essential considerations and features you need to keep in mind. Read on and you’ll discover there’s a lot more to the humble garden shed than meets the eye.

What’s it going to be used for?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what the new garden shed is going to be used for. Will this be a backyard storage accessory for items like gardening tools and pool equipment? Or will the shed be a more functional space like a workshop? Whichever way you go, you’ve already solved your first piece of the puzzle. When you know what your shed will be used for you can establish how big all the items in it will be. Once you know how big your equipment, shelving, or workbench is, you’ll understand what measurements to look out for.

How much space do you need?

So far you know what your shed is being used for and what’s going in it. So now you can establish how big your shed needs to be. Start measuring items like your shelving and workbench. Make sure there’s plenty of room for these items along with free space for you to move around in the shed. Even if you’re storing an item like a bike or lawnmower, you’ll still need space to roll them out and manoeuvre around. It’s also best to consider how much space you’ll need around the perimeter of your shed. If your shed is being installed in a narrow space like the side of your house, you will need plenty of room to walk past it.

Where is the shed going?

The placement of your shed in the backyard is paramount. Think of how often you’ll need to access the equipment in your shed. You’ll need an easy path to the shed if you’re constantly going in there for equipment. If your garden shed is installed near a tree you’ll have to be wary of all the excess leaves, twigs, and fruit that might fall on the roof. Another big consideration is the placement of the shed door. Do you have enough space in your chosen area to open the hinged door? Maybe you’ll need a shed with a sliding door so it’s easier to access in tight spaces.

Another issue to think about is the appearance of your shed. Will it end up being an eyesore? How will it affect the look of your backyard? Placing your shed in a corner or around the side of your house is one way to keep it out of view. You could also install trellis panels or garden screens to hide your garden shed. Alternatively, you could just buy a garden shed that looks more aesthetically pleasing. Today you can find many colour options that help make your shed a statement piece rather than an eyesore in your backyard.

How durable is it?

You may be surprised to discover how much force a shed needs to handle when it’s out in the elements. Have you thought about weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, and extreme heat? All of these conditions can make for a challenging environment to maintain a shed. It’s just one of the reasons why opting for a metal shed is smarter than installing a wooden or plastic version. Look out for strong materials like steel. Unfortunately, wooden sheds are susceptible to all sorts of issues such as warping, rotting, and pests.

Other features to consider are the ways your shed will be secured to the ground. All Pinnacle Sheds include bolt down kits which are designed to help secure your shed to the ground during wild and windy weather conditions. The paint treatments on the panels of your metal shed will also help it outlast the elements. If you want to be even more confident with your decision then look out for the warranty that comes with the garden shed. Any warranty over 20 years should be a good indicator that the shed is made to last.

Check out the latest range of Pinnacle Hardware sheds today

If you’re familiar with our range of gardening products, then it will come as no surprise when you see the high standards of manufacturing and design that goes into making our garden sheds. We take pride in offering you high-quality garden sheds that are built to last. Our entire range of Pinnacle Hardware sheds is made from hard-wearing steel.

All of our metal sheds are manufactured to meet strict Australian Standard Building Codes. Many of our sheds also have a high wind rating to ensure they can last through some of the toughest tests that Australian weather conditions can throw at them. Our garden sheds also come in a range of contemporary colours to help enhance the look of your backyard. They are made in a wide variety of sizes from compact 1.5 metre wide models to larger options which can measure up to 2.99 metres wide.

Part of our extensive shed offering includes Biohort premium sheds. These robust and sturdy designs come with standout features such as a three-way locking system, integrated ventilation, and glass fanlights. Aluminium floor paneling is also available for Biohort sheds. These panels offer additional weather protection and comfort.

So if you’re after a garden shed to match your needs at home, we highly recommend you visit your local Bunnings Warehouse where you can find our range of our Pinnacle Hardware and Biohort garden sheds on display or see our website to view our extended offer..

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