Don’t make these mistakes when it’s time for a new shed

Garden sheds are a fantastic option for creating that extra bit of storage space you need in the backyard. They can be a safe and secure place to store all your garden and hardware tools. But something that many people fail to realise is how important it is to match garden sheds with what they’re being used for.

Not every shed is built the same. Some are made from durable steel alloys while others are made from plastic or timber that can warp and break down over time. A quick browse online will give you plenty of options to choose from. You may be tempted by low prices and convenient delivery options. But don’t let things like these distract you from what’s really important.

There are many mistakes people make when buying sheds online or in-store. Some people overlook the quality and build of a shed and get distracted by pricing. Others fail to realise that some shed designs simply aren’t built for Australian climates. Ordering a garden shed from overseas is just one warning sign that your shed may not be strong enough to withstand local weather conditions. To guide you on your journey to finding the right garden or storage sheds, let’s look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

1. Not understanding installation requirements

If you don’t fancy yourself much of a DIY enthusiast then you may want to think twice about the type of garden shed you buy. Some garden sheds require a wide range of tools and extra fasteners to install properly. If you’ve never built a shed before you may want to ask for some extra help on the day you install it. In a lot of cases, installing a garden shed is a two-person job.

Installing your garden shed may require tools like a screwdriver, wrench, and hand riveter. Always read the fine print to ensure all the right fasteners like screws and bolts are included with the shed. It’s also important to consider how your garden shed will be fastened to the ground. Bolt-down kits can help you fasten your shed to the ground to reduce the risk of it coming loose during wild and windy weather. Pinnacle have you sorted though as all our Garden sheds come with these bolt down kits/

2. Choosing the wrong size

Before you start browsing for new garden sheds, it’s very important to have the right dimensions in mind. Consider picking out the exact spot in your backyard where the shed is going. Then make sure you measure out the exact dimensions of the space. Remember that you may want to leave a bit of extra space between the shed and the fence if you choose to install it in a corner. Think about how much extra space you need so you can get in and out of the shed door too.

Next up you’ll want to do a full inventory of all the things you want to install in the shed. There’s no point buying a shed that’s not big enough to store all your gardening and hand tools. So consider the new equipment or tools you may buy in the not too distant future. Consider a generously sized shed that will have enough space to expand on your collection of tools and equipment for the future.

3. Failing to consider the local climate

Local climate plays a big role in anything you choose to install in the backyard. Always consider those extreme weather conditions you experience throughout the year whether it’s strong winds, heavy rain or extended periods of high temperatures. The materials and design play a huge role in whether or not your new shed will be strong enough to local climate conditions.

So look for garden sheds that are built for Australian or New Zealand weather conditions. Steel options like our very own Flat, Skillion and Gable range of sheds are built to withstand Australian and New Zealand weather conditions. They meet Australian building standard codes which take into consideration the local climate. They also come with bolt-down kits to further reinforce them for windy weather conditions.

4. Choosing the cheapest price

Looking for the best price is paramount when it comes to browsing garden sheds. But it shouldn’t be the one thing that ultimately sways your decision. The design and quality of the shed are far more important. If you’re paying extra for a garden shed, consider the real value of it. A garden shed made with stronger materials will be a better investment in the long run.

When you make the right choice, there’s less chance you’ll have to replace your new garden shed anytime soon. So would you rather buy two low-quality sheds over the space of 20 years or just stick with one model that lasts over 25 years instead? When you invest in a higher quality garden shed you ultimately pay less in the long run. All Pinnacle Hardware sheds come with a 25 year warranty so you can take comfort in knowing they will last.

5. Choosing the wrong location

Location is so important when it comes to the installation of your garden shed. Think about safety, convenience, and weather conditions when it comes to choosing a location for your new garden shed. If you choose a low area of your backyard it may be prone to flooding where the floor of your shed can suffer water damage.

Also, think about how convenient your garden shed’s location is. As we mentioned earlier, it needs to be in a good position where you can easily access it. Consider if there’s enough room for the shed door to swing open. Make sure there’s enough space for you to move equipment in and out of the shed. If your shed is in a tight spot you may have trouble wheeling your lawnmower in and out of it.

Avoid these mistakes with the latest range of Pinnacle Hardware sheds

As your dedicated home storage experts, we’re proud to bring you a range of garden sheds that tick all the boxes when it comes to your outdoor storage needs. Our steel sheds are built to last thanks to features like mid-wall frames and bolt-down kits. Every aspect of these sheds is designed to endure the toughest climate conditions here in Australia.

All garden sheds from our Flat, Skillion and Gable series range come with a 25-year warranty and meet all Australian Building Codes for sheds. Features like pre-punched holes and included installation hardware make it easy to assemble our garden sheds. So if you’re looking for a convenient and sturdy garden shed, simply look for Pinnacle Hardware in the gardening section of your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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