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Now is the perfect time to add some contemporary flare to your home. In this DIY feature we show you some examples of how updating your door hinges, levers and knobs or entrance and security hardware using our comprehensive range of black door furniture can refresh the look of your home, adding a bold and modern feel to each room. Best of all, these improvements can be done easily, without a lot of money or effort. What’s more, because the range is black, it’s bound to complement almost any wall or door colour you have at home.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite black door furniture below as inspiration. We’ve even included some examples of our black door furniture being used so you can get an idea of how it might look in your home. For more information on each of the products below, click on the product name.

Inventory and measure up



This Butt Hinge set comes in a pack of 2 (with black screws included) and is super easy to install making it a simple way to upgrade your doors. Installing black hinges on this white door instantly adds a contemporary aesthetic.

Click here for Butt Hinge installation hints and tips.

If you have any secondary entrances into your home the Ikonic™ Slimline Entrance Lever Set is a great option. The sleek design not only looks good but is easy to lock and unlock from inside, even without the key. Another option for any secondary entrances into the house is the Ikonic™ Digital Lock Entry Set. This set is keyless, using a push button combination which can be reset when needed. This lock is ideal for any doors that lead from the garage into your home and the keyless feature makes it extremely convenient.

Click here for Ikonic™ Slimline Entrance Lever installation hints and tips.

Click here for Ikonic™ Digital Lock Entry installation hints and tips.

For internal doors, our Ikonic™ Slimline Passage Lever Set is the perfect option. The clean and simple design is sure to compliment any style of room. Easy to use and install, it is great for adding a final touch of boldness to a room.

Click here for Ikonic™ Slimline Passage Lever installation hints and tips.

Finally, if you have any sliding doors, whether in the bathroom or even a wardrobe door, our Black Rectangular Flush Pull is the perfect solution for easy access and stylish looks. Installation is super easy and the required screws are included, making your DIY project much smoother.

Click here for Black Rectangular Flush Pull installation hints and tips.

So, whether you’re giving an old door a facelift, or starting from scratch, our comprehensive range of black door furniture is a simple and cost-effective way to bring some contemporary flare to your home.

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