For many of us, our garages and sheds can be a dumping ground and without the right storage solution and some handy tips to help, organising your stuff can feel like a bridge too far.

This article is the first in a series of garage makeovers that show you just how easy it is to get the garage sorted.


Andy (an electrician), his wife and their two daughters lead busy lives. Both parents work full time, the girls are at Uni and work on their days off and weekends are spent sailing or coaching kids at the local yacht club.

Like most of us, their garage has become a bit of a mess.

Inventory and measure up


Inventory and Measure Up

After a quick inventory of all their stuff, they measure up and take a trip to Bunnings to check out Pinnacle Hardware’s storage range.

There they find affordable and easy to assemble kits of everything they need.


Selecting the Right Storage Products

For Andy and Jacqui we have selected a mix of products that best suit the things they need to store and the space they have. For more information on this see also our how-to section on Storage Zones. For Andy and Jacqui we selected:


Shelves for Andy’s tools and the girl’s sailing gear (2 x GOS008 6 Tier 2090 Series Adjustable Shelf, GOS028 Wall Mounted Storage Shelf)


Hooks for the garden tools and ladder (1 x GOS038 Utility Hook Twin Pack, 3 x GOS034 Universal Tool Rack, 1 x GOS033 Jumbo Storage Hook, 3 x GOS037 Wire/Hose Hanger, 1 x GOS040 Large Tool Holder


A bench and pegboard for Andy’s DIY projects and to provide plenty of hanging space for tools. (1 x GOS018 Compact Workbench and 4 x GOS019 Pegboard (we recommend updating to GOS083 Black Pegboard from our new modular storage range) Pegboard Hooks – GOS050-GOS063

Lockable Cabinets

And lockable cabinets for dangerous fluids and the like (2 x GOS003 2090 Series Metal Cabinet, 1 x GOS023 4 Drawer Mobile Cabinet (we recommend updating to GOS087 from our new modular storage range) and 1 x GOS030 Slimline Wall Cabinet (we recommend updating to GOS084).


Assembly, positioning and stacking items using our Storage Zones system

Before too long, Andy and Jacqui have knocked together the first shelving unit using only a rubber mallet with a few laughs along the way when Milly tries to help them out!

Andy builds the next shelving unit on his own as Jacqui is filling the shelves on the first unit with heavy items on the bottom shelf, Andy’s tools on the middle shelves and some of the girl’s sailing gear on the top shelf.

They then add in the remaining shelves, cabinets, pegboard and workbench and stack all their items neatly away.


See the Before and After

The result is really pleasing as you can see from the before and after shots. Andy and Jacqui’s garage is now well organised with everything in its place and without the need for expensive products or lengthy and painful planning.

The Pinnacle Hardware Storage range fully integrates shelving, metal cabinets and modular garage storage to create a total solution to suit every garage, no matter how big or small.

Check out our complete garage storage range at your nearest Bunnings Warehouse.

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