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10 simple garage storage solutions you can do yourself


You may think you must reinvent the wheel regarding DIY garage storage systems that perfectly fit your needs. But you don’t have to start from scratch, nor do you need to custom-build everything yourself if that doesn’t fill you with joy. Other options, like our extensive DIY garage storage systems, are prebuilt and just waiting for you to assemble them on a leisurely weekend afternoon.

DIY garage storage systems to revolutionise your space

With our selection of simple garage storage shelves and other items, you can have systems that slot into each other easily, or you can pick out the one-off items that would make the most significant difference to your space and invest in those only. While we offer end-to-end garage storage solutions, sometimes bigger is not better,  so with this in mind, this article will feature some key elements of DIY garage storage systems that you can pick out as the stars of your space.

1. Cabinets

Cabinets are equally helpful as home or garage storage, and as they are lockable, they keep valuables secure. Perfect for keeping potentially dangerous garden tools out of children’s reach, they are also ideal for locking away essential documents in the home office.

2. Shelving

When looking for DIY garage storage ideas, an essential choice is easy-to-assemble shelving. Another garage storage item that is equally as useful indoors, shelving is versatile, playing the part of a bookshelf or a vertical storage unit filled with plastic tubs.

3. Wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves help get things off the floor and aid you in making the most of your high wall space. They are perfect for items you need to use less frequently but cannot do without entirely. Make sure they are still within reach when you install them.

Wall mounted shelves img

4. Corner shelves

Our 6-tier adjustable corner shelf is the peak of DIY garage storage ideas, as it uses an area of the room that is often overlooked – the corner! It’s simple to assemble and allows you to use every nook and cranny of your garage or home to fit more in.

5. Heavy duty shelves

When you need a more robust shelf that can hold anything you choose to throw at it, opt for one of our heavy duty premium shelving units or our 4 tier adjustable heavy duty shelf. Both allow for extra weight on each shelf, with enhanced capacities and sturdy construction.

6. Workbenches

Workbenches are vital to any DIY garage storage setup, whether simple or complex. If you’re considering DIY garage storage ideas, don’t forget your workbench. It is your ally whenever you need space to work on a new project on the weekend.

workbench new img

7. Pegboard

A pegboard is a game-changer in garage storage, as it allows you to hang up all your tools, providing you with an organised system that gets them off your workspace. Our pegboard also comes with a myriad of accessories to hang anything at all.

8. Overhead storage

If you’re looking for overhead DIY garage storage ideas, consider our self-assembly slimline wall cabinet. It helps clear clutter by storing items high and out of the way. Its handy gas struts keep the cabinet open for easy access to your things.

9. Tool trolley

Our Pro Series 73″ 20-drawer tool trolley is the pinnacle of garage storage. It’s the ultimate product for keeping all your tools tidy, secure, and within reach. You can even charge your tools on this trolley, and there are plenty of drawers to store tools of all shapes and sizes.

10. Bike hanger

Bikes can easily clutter the garage when leaning against a wall or taking up room on their stands. They can get underfoot and be a tripping hazard if you have a packed shed or garage. The antidote is our vertical bike hanger, which can hold up to 30kg.

Bike hanger img

Plenty of garage storage ideas for DIY at Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle, we have designed an abundance of garage storage elements that are quick to assemble, easy to use, and built to last the test of time. So when you need DIY garage storage systems that pack a punch and look the part too, Pinnacle is here to help.

See our full range of storage products online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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